I offer blogging, website content and, other writing services. 

Specializing in:
    • Articles and blogs surrounding mental health.
    • Digital marketing and social media. Regularly updating and providing fresh content.
    • Writing for Advertising.

Below you will find several articles and pieces of promotional copy that I have written. Each one has been published and used by it’s intended business. As well each example includes links to the company itself and my contributed content.

Mental Health Advocacy 

person-girl-woman-leisure-fitness-zenMental Health Talk

Rollercoaster:: Growing up with an Undiagnosed Parent

Every rollercoaster starts with an uphill climb. It fills the riders with a sense of anticipation and nerves. For me, the beginning of the ride was filled with a feeling of helplessness, knowing that my world was about to fall in on itself. … Continue reading.

Business Event Reviews and Latest News Updates

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 11.30.39 AMWhisky Toast

Mission Statement: To contribute to and help cultivate an appreciation for whisky culture in British Columbia, and beyond. We are always seeking new experiences and partnerships to captivate everyone from whisky novices to connoisseurs. … Continue reading.

Radio Broadcasting Promotional Copy

technology-radio-recording-electronics-audio-cfbx-204627-pxhere.comCorus Entertainment

FM96 London and Kingston Sation Identifications. The audio was provided by the station’s professional producers.

Guitar Hero Weekend

Metallica Weekend

Creative Writing, Short Stories, and Poetry

hand-book-plant-white-flower-petal-731137-pxhere.comWriter’s Envy

My view of the world is usually that of the top of my feet. It’s the only thing you really see when you’re always looking at the ground. When my head is hung low streets and sidewalks blend into the same long drudging path. At least I can always see when I need new shoes. … Continue Reading.