Arachnid Love

I was awakened this morning by the suns warmth. It came pouring in through the window as I slowly blinked open one eye, and then the other, and then another. I could see that she was still sleeping. I can see the warm sun filtering in through the window and spill across her body. All … Continue reading Arachnid Love

For My Thirtieth Birthday

This is a eulogy For My Twenties. She was a great girl. She was dearly beloved by bartenders, cab drivers and coat check girls all throughout the clubs. She was a crazy ex-girlfriend and constant drinking companion. She was young and wild and full of squandered potential. Join me today as we say goodbye to … Continue reading For My Thirtieth Birthday

Windswept Serotonin

My view of the world is usually that of the top of my feet. It’s the only thing you really see when you’re always looking at the ground. When my head is hung low streets and sidewalks blend into the same long drudging path. At least I can always see when I need new shoes. … Continue reading Windswept Serotonin