A guide to being a responsible functioning adult.

Step One: Shirk all responsibilities. Step Two: Tell yourself that you're not going to blow off your responsibilities. You're just going to do them tomorrow. Step Three: Don't do them tomorrow. Step Four: Make excuses. Step Five: While reviewing your to-do list, curl up into the fetal position and cry. It’s recommended to have a … Continue reading A guide to being a responsible functioning adult.

Windswept Serotonin

My view of the world is usually that of the top of my feet. It’s the only thing you really see when you’re always looking at the ground. When my head is hung low streets and sidewalks blend into the same long drudging path. At least I can always see when I need new shoes. … Continue reading Windswept Serotonin

Desperately Seeking Stability

These words are made out of scraps of paper. Fragmented ideas stuck to a steering wheel that I am not in control of. There's a chemical imbalance in the driver's seat and I believe she is about to go off roading   I exist in a bracket. In the space between Adderall and Lamotrigine. I … Continue reading Desperately Seeking Stability