Welcome to Emergency Wine

Emergency Wine is the original home for my thoughts. Mostly full of creativity exuded in poetry and short stories, it offers a slice of insight into who I am. Through Emergency Wine I have gained experience in managing WordPress hosted websites. Connecting with a like-minded WordPress community is inspirational. I update as regularly as I … Continue reading Welcome to Emergency Wine

Writer’s Block: The Blank Screen Blues

Oh Hello, I’ve been thinking a lot about writer’s block. Freelancing is the next step I want to take with my writing but I’m afraid of taking on a job for a client and getting stuck on how to execute it. There’s nothing quite like staring at a blank page. Completely paralyzed by the white … Continue reading Writer’s Block: The Blank Screen Blues

New and improved!

Oh Hello, I bet you noticed a change around here. Welcome to Emergency Wine 2.0! I’m updating my look and expanding my content! See I started this blog to help me through a hard time. I had just spent the last year focusing all my time and energy on a relationship which ultimately ended. I … Continue reading New and improved!